Tunable Bandpass Filters


Turn-key, Flexible,
Multimodal, Compact

Flexible Wavelength Selector

The Wavelength Selector is a unique compact optomechanical device that utilizes the patented TwinFilm™ technology to deliver the wavelength tuning and adjustable bandwidth with the imaging advantages of a circular aperture filter. For comparison with other tunable filters please click here.

  • Broad wavelength tuning (255 – 1650 nm, nominal)
  • Smoothly adjustable bandwidth (FWHM 3 – 15 nm, nominal)
  • Large (up to 10 mm diam.) circular aperture
  • High (106) out of band extinction
  • Compact optomechanical device
  • No beam deviation or walk-off during tuning
  • Simple and easy product integration