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In this paper we present the results of an experimental study of the diffractive properties of electrically switched holographic gratings fabricated using polymer-dispersed liquid crystal mixtures.

We have realized a two-species mirror-magneto-optical trap containing a mixture of 87Rb(85Rb) and 133Cs atoms. Using this trap, we have measured the heteronuclear

We present an all-fiber-optic scanning multiphoton endomicroscope with 1.55 μm excitation without the need for prechirping femtosecond pulses before the endomicroscope.

When put into practical use, slow-light-enhanced technologies will improve the performance of photonic networks and optical sensors. Photonic crystals will play a key role in the transition

Figure Legend: (a) Cross section of the Cryo-Optic module with Zeiss objective inside the Cryostation housing, highlighting critical components.

The Prospective Instruments MPX-series is a turnkey compact multimodal microscope enabling advanced multiphoton imaging without requiring a laboratory or optical bench.