Multiphoton Microscope


Turn-key, Flexible,
Multimodal, Compact

Multimodal Multiphoton Microscopy

MPX-series combines single-photon, two-photon, higher harmonics and bright field imaging in one device. The microscope is a truly turn-key, integrated, compact, easy-to-use, maintenance-free and easy-to-install imaging platform which offers refinded multimodality.

There are three standard models where each can be upgraded with various options and accessories, to completely maximize the utility. For more details about the MPX-series see below.

Microscope Accessories Adaptive Optics

MPX is the world’s first turnkey, compact, and fully integrated next-generation multiphoton microscope!

MPX combines different imaging techniques in one easy-to-use and portable device: non-linear MP (two-photon, SHG & THG) and wide field epi-fluorescence and fluorescence lifetime imaging to maximize informational content, ranging from single cells up to living animals in upright and inverted configuration. Confocal resolution and a high penetration depth makes it an easy-to-use 3D microscope, even for label-free markers such as collagen in tissue.

The entire microscope consists of a small air-cooled controller unit with integrated PC and a compact imaging scan head, both connected through a flexible umbilical cord. Key features are the fully integrated high-power wavelength tuneable femtosecond fiber laser engine, resonant-galvo-galvo scanning, up to 4 highly sensitive PMTs, high performance wide-field imaging and a motorized objective turret. All integrated into the free moving scan head, which is lightweight, rugged, and allows the ultimate imaging flexibility in any sort of environment.

MPX-1040 MPX-940F MPX-Tune*
¹Fixed wavelength: 1040 nm
²Fixed 2nd wavelength: 920 nm optional  ✗
³Tunable 2nd wavelength: 740 – 1250 nm
Resonant – galvo-galvo scanning module optional optional optional
Single-photon fluorescence modality optional optional optional
Brightfield Epi-modality optional optional optional
  1. Fixed wavelength: 1040 nm All parameters @sample: 80 MHz (40 MHz*), >600 mW, <130 fs
  2. Fixed 2nd wavelength: 920 nm All parameters @sample: 80 MHz, >200 mW@920 nm & >500 mW @1040 nm, <130 fs
  3. Tuneable 2nd wavelength: 740 – 1250 nm 80 MHz, >200 mW / output, <150 fs
See the MP-series datasheet and brochure for more details.
Clinical Research

Cancer reserach: Detection of unique Hellmarks. Collagen signature for Fibrosis in NASH or Cancer.

Pharmacological Research

N2B drug delivery Drug distribution in the brain.


Development in Zebrafish larvaes. Neuronal tracking in Drosophila brain.

Plant Biology

Root growth of plants.

In-Vivo Imaging

Neuronal activity in brain. Development in Zebrafish larvaes.

Tissue Engineering

Artificial Lung tissue Artificial arterys Artificial bone tissue Collagen-based scaffolds.

3d Cell Culture

Spheroids Organoids Induced embryos (iETX).

2d Cell Culture

Cell culture cells Primary cells Live cell imaging Single-cell and subcellular imaging.

Neurons (GCaMP) and Astrocytes (TexasRed) in the cortex

Label-free mouse colon

Single Cell Imaging

Neuronal Tracking In Drosophila