Adaptive Optics

Delta 7

Transmissive wavefront modulator for
demanding aberration correction

Deformable Phase Plate

  • Complex wavefront modulation
    • 63 electrodes enabling replication of up to the 7th radial order of Zernike polynomials (>35 modes) with high fidelity
  • Straightforward system integration
    • Compact housing compatible with standard 30 mm cage systems by rods, lens tubes, and post assemblies
  • Linear & hysteresis-free response
    • Electrostatic actuation suited for open-loop wavefront control
  • Remarkable optical quality
    • Active best flat with an induced RMS wavefront error of less than λ/40
  • Polarization-independent
    • Wavefront modulation independent of the light polarization for maximized efficiency
  • 63 electrodes electrostatically actuate the Optofluidic DPP (Deformable Phase Plate)
  • 7th radial order of Zernike polynomials (>35 modes)
  • Linear & hysteresis-free response
  • Clear Aperture: 10 mm
  • RMS wavefront error < 15nm
  • Maximum peak to valley of the generated wavefronts: >8µm
  • Polarisation independent operation
  • Compatible with standard 30 mm cage system
  • SM1-Threading (internal)
  • Software: Python, MATLAB-wrapper
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0
  • Operating system: Windows, Linux and macOS


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